3 Forgotten Laws Of Saving Money

How Do You Save Money?


Law #1: Remember the Reason WHY You’re Saving

Saving money is NEVER about the money. Rather it’s your ability to forego the ordinary for what you find to be extra ordinary.

So when you are saving money, NEVER EVER feel bad for yourself, or think that you’re so kawawa. Because it just means you’re saying no to things that are forgettable, in order to experience the things that are unforgettable in life!

So before you even start saving money, you need to ask yourself:

“What exactly am I saving for? What is that unforgettable, extraordinary, goal that I will spend the money on later on?”

Law #2: You Have to Segment or Separate Your Money

This means that the place, be it the bank account or the physical location where you keep your money, must be completely separated from where your spending money is kept.

So for anyone who wants to save, having a separate account just for your savings is a MUST. Otherwise, halo halo yung pera mo, and it would be too difficult to do it mentally. Your payroll and ATM account must be entirely different from your savings account. Again, this is very basic and very simple, but it goes a long way when you’re trying to save money.

Law #3: Every peso counts!
If you want to save P1,000,000 – then it just means you have to save P1, 1,000,000 times! Or save P10, 100,000 times!

What happens most of the time is that people get obsessed over the amount they have. And right of the bat, they say, “Oh no P1,000,000 or P10,000,000 – I can’t save that, it’s too high!” And immediately they give up and don’t save anything at all!

But that’s not the case, if you can save P1. You can save any amount you want to. The process is the same! The things you have to do to save P10 are the same things you have to do to save P100 and are the same for what you have to do to save P1,000 and so on!

Every peso counts. Every piece of candy, every movie ticket, every meal at a restaurant, every pair of shoes, every time you say “minsan lang naman”… all of those moments count towards your savings goal.

When you consistently follow these three laws, you’ll be able to reach your savings goals in no time!

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